Efnet #renoise

ircnet #renoise is hopelessly broken, it’s on a relatively unpopular network which makes connecting to it a hassle to those on more common networks, and every time i’ve been there in the past half year or so there’s been next to no activity.

I took the liberty of setting up efnet #renoise, and i’m in the process of connecting it to an established and trusted botnet. Any renoise devs wanting op status or somesuch, please stop by and give the channel legitimacy by your presence :)

I’ll be there pretty much all the time, as will Psychofreud and probably The DJ Enticer. It’d be nice to have more active musicians around.

I used to be present a lot on #renoise ircnet. Unfortunately, I can’t use IRC from work anymore: only ICQ and MSN are allowed now.

Well it’s open and active :) If you do find a way, please come by.

I haven’t really used IRC for years. Only room I ever really bothered with is my mates Squatjuice room anyway to be honest.

Might check this out at some point though, as I do like your’s and Psychofreud’s music (Enticer has done some good stuff as well of course ;))

Sure a friend was telling me about having a tape that was recorded from Psychofreud’s set live on their rig at some party. Think I must of missed that one, and the tape got lost being kicked off a site sometime last summer (but what do you expect when somebody chooses a f****ing crop feild for a party :()

Hey sunjammer, Foo? can’t find efnet #renoise… where is it?

It-Alien: as i remember there was a way to log on to irc thru http protocol.

ircnet has a web chat indeed (look at support page), but it is quite a mess.

Actually the problem is not that I can’t connect, but that I would be responsible for any security issues which being on IRC could cause.

I prefer to keep my job and stay on the forum :)

i’m there!