Efx panel resize


ok Ive tried and tried and maybe Im just dumb or maybe blind … kill me but PLEASE tell me first if there is any way to resize that panel ?

Thank you

only if u are in automation tab

only if u are in automation tab

Thank you. Im a bit surprised that in 2018 gui can’t have such useful thing, especially considering 13 inch displays with 4k.

or … maybe there is some extension or trick or way to modify the soft to display it bigger?

The thing is, the effects’ skins are fixed in height.

I find that a bit annoying too. You would want the ability to display a bigger effect section.

If you look at previous versions of renoise and see where it’s coming from, it is not that surprising.

Maybe in future versions, they will add an option in the preferences box (under the “GUI” tab) to make the effects appear bigger, like the one setting pattern font size. I find that more likely than a freely resizable effect bar, anyway.