Electric Knives

I like it when songs turn out with energy. Haven’t written one like this for a while. Leaning towards the rave anthem side of things.


Yes, this is the song that nearly melted my cpu. In any case, computers patched up, and I think this came out pretty well. Hope you all like it!

BTW, for any of the more “mastering minded” folks on the forum, tell me some of the things that could use a bit of improvement in the way the mix is eq’d and so forth. I just do what sounds good to my ear, but when I look at the spectrum analyzer everything I do always seems to leaning towards the bass side of the readout. Then again, maybe it’s just bassy electronic music. Oh well!


Wow, I’m into this.

The king of the (905) BBS scene has returned!

Hahaha - Dac that was funny. =)

I didn’t get too ambitious on this one, no piano’s or big chords or anything, just back to the basics energy. I think when I heard the new prod album it made me realize that it’s okay to write a rave song and it doesn’t have to break new ground. I still love the old style, and dammit - I am gonna write some rave music and not feel guilty about it! =)

I still feel daunted by renoise though. Every time I look at someone elses file they will have like 3 compressors on one chain with 5 other effects, and 10 send tracks, and a VST that tells you when your dinner is finished cooking. I use relatively few internal effects, but it’s fun to learn. I think keeping it simple is the secret for me.

Matt - glad you liked it!