Electro Funk Bass Sound

Hi Renoisers,

I really like the fat, sizzling, filtered, portamento sound of this bass/lead in this song

though I hear it in a lot of different music.

How would you go about building up a sound like this using the built in synth tools in Renoise?

  • What kind of wave would you start with

  • what kind of modulation and effects would you use

would you start with a 3rd party synth?



I think I have a good start like this :

  • Take a pure sawtooth sample (like the “chip_sawtooth_C1” given with Renoise + eventually transpose it)

  • Edit the sample in the Sampler:

  • In Modulation, add a Vowel filter, and set it near to the bottom to have a “O” sound + an ADSRH on the filter with a little attack to have more a “WO” than a simple “O”

  • In Effects, add an Analog Filter type Low Pass, and set the cutoff to filtre very high frequencies

I think you have also to boost bass, but not have found the good effect for the moment…

I concurr it sounds like a plain saw with subtle vowel filter and post lowpass action, distortions in between emphasizing the saw steps. both are modulated, vowel for the voicelike timbre, and the lowpass kind of helps the “throat articulation” by being strongly closed/opened at end/start of notes.

Also I think to hear use of multiband distortion on it, to give the saw the bite in the upper midrange only the mids are distorted while the saw is still very direct sounding. And some rather subtle neuro bass type mixing, i.e. giving the sound depth and solidity with aggressive multiband dynamics and light chorus/dimension type fx.

If you wish to try to make such a sound with just renoise, you can use the chorus device 100% wet no modulation to get a vowel filter, in case you wish to experiment with it after a distortion or so.