Electro Psytrance

Hi guys, I was inspired by great composers, such as Tiesto and Electric Universe and I made this tune on Renoise, it is the mixture of Electro and Psytrance and I will be so glad if you rate it. Send me feedbacks and I will also send feedback to your stuff. Cheers!


ok honest opinion here. this one doesn’t seem to work for me. it surely takes its time to pick up the pace but frankly, it never does. has an ongoing rising feel throughout the track which never resolves in a peak point. had some nice ideas inside but i wasn’t a fan of that ever-rising feeling. just my 2 cents :)

Thank you so much for your opinion, of course it is far from masterpiece, that’s why I need your feedbacks, guys :)

I totally understand what you wanted to get, but the biggest problem are bad effects and instruments.

If you will just replace instruments with real great sounding and kicking sfx - song will be exactly what you thought.

Oh, thanks man, be sure about that I am gonna remake the song in the future, when I will be much more experienced, otherwise I really appreciate your opinion, I will replace the sound with real sounds and I will even download more professional effects for reverbs etc…
Your feedbacks are really helping me, I appreciate that so much!