Electro sumthin - (needs help)

Hi all, I’ve been keeping most of my projects under wraps as of lately. But this song is the one that’s been bothering me the most - I can make a mean bass line, some upbeat synth riffs, and do fine with the percussive elements. ALL in Renoise and the samples provided, no vst’s(I find VSTs clunky and using renoise DSPs leave me more satisfied.)

Hell I found FM synthesis on my own, through Renoise no less, while my friends Bought FM8 to do the exact same thing.

So I ask of you all, can you guys help me make a pad from scratch?


Edit: Yay I figured out how to embed!

Quick and easy answer:

For pads in renoise, I use the padsynth plugin, which is basically an additive synthesis tool, or the custom wave plugin, which is basically a wave designer. Both work well.

More complex answer: a pad is generally understood as a complex, dynamic sound texture. Complex in its harmonics, dynamic in its timbral aspects which change as time passes. Traditionally they were the result of multiple oscillators, interacting with each other as well as filters, LFOs and so on to create a changing soundscape. Renoise doesn’t really offer (as far as I know) any counterpart to modular synthesis, so your next best bet is to take a complex sound source, and go nuts with envelopes, filters and effects.

I tend to like a blend between soft saw and pulse wave, through filters, flangers, with LFO changing the parameters.

I hope this gets you started.

Ah thank you Jan! Yes Padsynth is exactly what I needed, I’ve always had the custom wave plugin and it’s definitely helped me out when something I needed wasn’t in the elements folder (now if only it didn’t replace what’s in the samples and only added (then again, there are workarounds.))

Cheers friend!