Electronic jam session (NETHERLANDS)

Houston, we have a new location :slight_smile:

Finaly we have a new location (sorry, I was late posting it)

Bi weekly electronic jamsession in Eindhoven (Netherlands)

3 area’s for experimenting en jamming (sometimes even a workshop)

Free entrance just bring your drumcomputer/synth/sampler/laptop/arduino/etc. plug and play.

Hope some Renoise users come and join.


There’s a bar :slight_smile:

It’s in Artspace Flipside


The website of the jamsession organiser is


Shit … I’m pretty much on the far other side of NL (Groningen…). I’ll keep an eye on this, just in case.

Ahh to bad :frowning:

There’s someone coming from Utrecht.

It doesn’t make the route any shorter but maybe a littebit more doable if you could carpool with him or even stay over for the night.

It’s on thursday, I don’t know if you are able due to obligations (on friday) but I almost know for sure that if we ask some of the guys a sleeping oportunity can be provided.

Not to hurry things up but just to let you know :slight_smile:

And yeah I know, it’s a f#kin distance… Almost Norway :slight_smile:

Greetings from


Ps: If you want I can give U his email/feesboek