Electronic Study

Here is an experimental study for electronics, created using only renoise.

I use quarter-tones in this piece that are created using the 01xx effect to raise the pitch a quarter of a step.

This is also completely serialized in both the pitches used and the percussive elements

( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serialism )

It is only about a minute long, but there was quite a bit of time that went into the creation of this.

Have a listen :)



very intense!

It’s to short it’s to short!

You guys really like this type of stuff??

Thanks for your comments. :)

Well, it’s to acid for me, but I have a great idea to make a killer beat to your track if you’re interested?
Really think it could be good with a few modifications :)

eh… do what you want

i wish you luck

It’s interesting to hear stuff like this being done, particularly on sofware such as Renoise which seems pretty well built for the job. I’ve heard a few serialism pieces played at work, although it’s something I wouldn’t even begin to try & decipher!

Definitely. Even been to a Stockhausen concert :slight_smile:
Check out this rather cool video montage from youtube

Too acid? haha…right…

I like this sort of thing sometime - good stuff!

Stockhausen was a primary influence on this. :)
I have seen that video, and it upsets me some that the guy put in the stupid post-rock stuff at the end… but then again, it is an interesting contrast that Stockhausen MIGHT (probably not) have approved of.

If you haven’t… you should check out my ‘interludes’ (especially no. 2)

Thanks for listening everybody!

I am considering creating a piece in this style for live guitar and pre-recorded electronics. If it ever gets done, I’ll share it.

I think that renoise is a really nice tool for this type of stuff.