Electronica - Trance(ish)

My new Renoise music:

I’m struggling a bit with mastering. When I make it sound good on my speakers, it sounds bad on headphones. When I tinker a bit to make it sound good on headphones, then it sounds bad on my speakers. The problem is that I don’t have good monitor speakers so I am a bit blind with this. Also, I actually have little idea of how to do mastering to begin with :) So if someone wants to give me some hints of what should I do, I’m all ears.

So far this is what I did:
Bassline - Exciter set to “Gentle”
Drums - Exciter set to "Bass Late; and EQ5 set to “Mix Detailed”
Master - Reverb set to “Init” (I also played with Compressor here, but it makes some of the lead instruments sound weird and I don’t like it)

So, does it actually make any sense? Am I doing it right? How to do mastering in Renoise correctly?