Elemental Is Back From The Dead!

Hey everyone,

Elemental here, used to be a member of Night 55 when i stopped tracking in Impulse Tracker about 9 - 10 years ago, and stumbled on you people by accident while wiki’ing IT :slight_smile:

Nice to see Hunz and Mick Rippon are still around, remember having a lot of fun with you mofo’s in #trax.

Anyhow, I am downloading the demo version now to have a play around, and see if i still have it in me, been messing around with Fruity Loops mostly the last couple of years, but not a single decent song to show for it lol.

Anyhow, real happy to see you lads carried on tracking, hope someone remembers me!

So a shout out to all my old N55 boys, Xerxes, Scirocco, DNA-Groove, Stein etc…
Mickrip - still pissed you beat me in one of the 1996 @trax compo’s you bugger.
Mystical - where are you, did you finish that song we started lol (crane flies damnit)
Keith303 - goodness, your Seven Days One Week “remix” was insane back in the day…you still kick ass!
And all the funky traxxers who made my life a laugh back in 94 - 97…good times.

Hopefully i’ll learn the tracker in time to enter the Baseball compo!




I’m too n00b to know you, but welcome back!

Welcome to Renoise! Good to see more oldschoolers back! :D