Elevator to Nowhere


i think the mix sounds a bit too squashed/limited. wasn’t into the drums at all, both sound and programming wise. guitars were really good. i like the playing and the variation in tones. bass was a bit boxy (could be just my speakers sucking). the piano had a cheap quality to it. also the 2 pauses in the second half of the tune were too abrupt. I’d let some tails bleed out into the next part and increase the pause duration perhaps.

overall i enjoy it.

Good feedback, thanks. I wasn’t satisfied with the drums myself. I wanted to try something different, I used a sliced break, but I don’t think I did it well, and don’t really think it really fit the style. But I’d been working on the song for a long time and just wanted to be done with it. I might go back later after having some time away from the song and just entirely redo the drums.

Not sure why it sounds limited, maybe I overdid the maximizer a bit, but I think I just boosted a tiny bit to bring up the volume. Might be something I did with the drums. I think I know why the piano has a cheap quality to it, I need to fix a few things there.