Embedded Preview Data In Xrns Songs?

I’m kinda sloppy when working and I have xrns files scatterd all over my hard drive, some with strange names like 295nretiuw.xrns but the majority named something containing "test####.xrns. I found myself sorting all the stuff now and tryed to place it in correct project folders but having to open all the songs and rename them takes forever.

Maybe there is a way already to play xrns files externally i don’t know, but that would also be helpful, even if it didn’t play vst instruments and effects. Just the basic sample data or a rendered section of the song.

Any such thing available? or maybe a feature like that would be helpful? Maybe a checkbox setting to automaticly render a very low bitrate mono preview of the first few patterns when saving? and some possibility to preview the clips both within renoise file browser and external browsers or external players?

This would be really neat, cuz many times I just work on drums or fool around with a bassline in one document and then save it as testdrums###.xrns for later use in another song. and it would be really helpful to quickly hear a preview before opening the song file.

Best way is to organize and build up your systems correctly from the beginning. So there will be no concern later.
But the preview option won’t be bad.

Here’s my workflow suggestion in this regard: