Emu 0202

I’m in 1.8 and I just purchased Creative’s EMU 0202 USB 2 which is a great little box/sound card. Outstanding sound quality. I’m in Vista 32. Intel 2.5 (over clocked) GHz and 2.5 gigs ram.

However, I’m having all kinds of issues in Renoise that I’m not having in other audio apps. Basically, the only reliable setting I can use is Direct Sound which is terrible with handling low latency. This is because the ASIO driver for the EMU is locking up Renoise unless I set the re-sampling frequency to 4100. Anything higher completely overwhelms my CPU/system which causes Renoise to freeze up. It’s odd because I’m not having these issues in OpenMPT or Sound Forge 9.

I d/l ed the ASIO4ALL driver and that barely makes a difference. Every time I switch from audio app to audio app, I have to reinitialize the driver which is very frustrating.

It looks like the only dependable driver at this point is Direct Sound which will severely limits the amount of effects and vsti’s I can use in one song.

I realize the EMU is 24bit, and the drivers are not fully supported for Vista yet. Still, I’m wondering if anyone is expereincing this and has any knowledge on how to improve it.

I like Vista, so I’m not going to downgrade to XP. And I’m not going to throw my Live24bit card back in. It’s not really 24bit.

I’m really enjoying the 24bit sound experience. Now if I could only find a way to get Renoise to handle it without locking up… :guitar:

This will hopefully be fixed in the next 1.9 beta. Renoise had problems with 24 bit ASIO drivers. See: http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?showtopic=13758

Have you tested this with Renoise 1.8 as well (or only)?

I’m in 1.8.

I want to note that if I set both ASIO drivers to 16 bit @ 44100, I get much better results, though there still is some latency issues. I don’t think it’s my system even though I’m running a lower end P4.

Unfortunately, the 16 bit sample rates won’t cut it for me as I’m getting into doing some professional work.

But as you said, this should be corrected down the line. Looking forward to it. Right now I’m composing in the lower sample rates, then stopping the song, setting the sample rate to a higher value, then saving the song with a higher value as well.

Slow and stuttery playback really gets under my skin! :w00t: