Emu 0404 Usb Asio Problems


Cant get it working on Renoise. I hear only crackles and such when playing just a minimum CPU weighted tune.

What Asio drivers do you use for EMUs ?

Please help.

EDIT: This also happenes with Direct Sound

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try www.asio4all.de

Hi tnt97,

I have an Emu1616m so I am guessing the drivers will be similar (if not the same).

You should try to get the proper EMU drivers to work before you start messing with asio4all.

So, you ask which drivers to use… You must have a installation CD which came with the soundcard right? All the drivers will be on there.

Do you have EMU ASIO selected as the driver in Renoise?

If so, and you are still getting crackles you need to look at the latency settings.

Get the info together and post back on here and I will see what I can suggest. Tell me what driver you have selected, and what the latency setting is.

Also, do you get the PatchMix software with EMU0404?


Ok I have just checked the EMU site and it seems you dont get any DSP effects with the USB version, so you will not get PatchMix software. This rules out any issues concerning DSP and PatchMix.

First thing, try increasing the latency and tell me if that fixes it. The standard technique is to set the latency at something huge like 1000ms and then slowly reduce it until you hear crackles. Then set it slightly above the crackle level.

Thanx for replies.

I managed to get Emus own drivers to work. Latency is 14ms, and it works like charm.

Btw, its good sounding card! Much better than my previous M-audio Audiophile USB.

Ah thats good!

Yeah I have an E-MU card too.

I wouldn’t really describe the card as ‘better’ sounding, but it definitely sounds more HEAVY!

I was surprised by the bass when I played with mine after using an Echo Indigo.

(oh… also… why the f##k did you not use the EMU drivers from the beginning??? :) )


I did use EMU drivers from start, but they sucked, so I decided to test Asio4All.
After that I got some info about EMUs own drivers, and now Im happily using them.

:) So it is all working now? Sweeet

Yes, thats true.

But theres no official Win drivers for my card yet. Even Mac drivers are in beta stage…

What do you mean official Win drivers? Your card is a pretty decent specialist audio card. Use the drivers that come with it, and ignore all the bullshit windows tells you about the drivers being unsigned…

I mean you cannot download any Windows drivers anywhere yet.

All I have is the CD that came with the gear, and that driver is beta.

END OF THIS TOPIC. Card is functioning well now, and thats it.

Status is under development:



I first got clicks and pops which turned into badly distorted sound before the sound vanished fully. For me the solution was to store the audio tracks on an external USB drive. I also tried with a USB memory stick which works fine too. I think Cubase recommends using a drive of its own for audio but I did not think this was the problem as the internal sound card played back the files ok with Cubase Essential 5.

Laptop PC: Windows XP

Usually a dedicated and empty harddrive for sound-tracks or streaming data works the best.
The faster the better and once in a while do a defragmentation.