Emu 1212m

Last checkpoint:
My EMU1212M crashes big times (BSOD) when using ASIO and just crashes the app when using Directsound. Possible cause for that is that the power supply unit is too weak to feed the new soundcard. I stick to Directsound untill I’m able to get a new P.S.U.

New checkpoint:
After quite some time I have managed to put my hands on an all-new power supply unit. Once correctly installed, this 500W PowerSupply unit (it even comes with a sweet blue neon I didn’t expected to fit so well with the rest of the design) did NOT solved the problem.
Renoise still goes BSOD when using ASIO… and is still crashing after minutes when using Directsound as if nothing ever happened to hardware config.
I’d say that 500w. are more than enough even to fry eggs in an USB powered kitchen… so I must say that this is not an issue about power supply.

Do you use this card as default for windows too? My crashes more or less disappeared when I changed all other apps to use the internal soundcard.

My friend has a AMD 2800+ computer but only a 235w PSU and he experienced very strange behavior from his computer especially related to sound. It got much better when he took out all diskdrives, graphicscard (he had internal on mainboard also) and networkcard.
But he had to reinstall windows first, because it seemed that running the computer in “full gear mode” hade somehow damaged the windows/driver software. (It crashed very often). My friend is now waiting for new 350w PSU to arrive.

Can you try the card on another computer and see if same problem persists?

If the card works fine in another computer with same drivers and it isnt the PSU problem, then it is probably motherboardrelated I think.

Maybe not helpful but worth checking maybe.
My friend also during his trials also mailed support of his M-audio card and they told him choose an IRQ lower or equal to 16, because all over that where “virtual IRQs” and that could make trouble for driver. His IRQ was at the time set to 17. To change this you just take out all other cards exept graphics card, disable USB, serial, parallellports (everything with an IRQ) in BIOS

And then and choose “reset plug and play data” (or similar, “reset ESCD” is another name also) in the BIOS. (that will “reinitialize” IRQs starting with low numbers)

no problems with my 1212m since i bought the card (1 year ago) … except the known stuff (if an asio-app is crashed i must re-boot to get asio sound back) … Parsec try it there www.productionforums.com

350W should be enough if you DON’T run 4 HD’s, 4 Rom-Drives and 4 PCI-cards or more …

Yes, that’s why I said that with 500 w. I should be able to fry myself some eggs too… I mean… this puts out of question the “power supply” problem.

Yes, I’m leaving a post in a couple of minutes.

Yes, I had a check…
And thanks Mike… I think I’ll wait for the guys on the Emu forum to come out with some idea in the meanwhile :(