Emu 1616m Problems In Renoise... Help!

Alright guys,

I bought an EMU 1616m the other day. The sound it ace as are the features, BUT I can’t get the DSP card to work in Renoise. The card works by itself in the EMU software mixer so the problem is inside Renoise…

You have to use a VST called EmuPowerFX to get Renoise to speak to the card, but this just isnt working!

Has anyone else got one of these cards working with Renoise?

I am desperate to use the onboard DSP to free up my CPU…

Thanks in advance!

I bought last year emu0404 and I also cant get EMU's internal sfx to make they work from Rns. But I dont care as its sfx are not good at all. EMU0404 dont have normal reverb. Much better reverb can be get from Renoise's native sfx ![:)](https://files.renoise.com/forum/emoticons/default/smile.gif) Sound is crystal clear and nice but I cant get two Renoise’s running the same Emu0404 output. To make two Renoise run on the same time, Ill have to set one [or both] of them to Internal [motherboard] soundcard... For now I have ~20 miliseconds delay. It also dont bother me as I mostly don`t record in realtime but edit notes…

Fair enough mate, but I just want to be able to use all of the product I bought. I paid 42,000yen for it and I feel like I am being deprived of 10,000yen…


It could be many things why your card is not running proply,I had problems @ first with my 1820m,but once setup proply,it works like a dream.

Your best bet is too ask the guys @ the unofficial E-MU Forum’s

Emu Forums

Nice one. Im all over that place now!

I will get to the bottom of this.

Never let them win.

Yeah, the dsp effects suck on the E-mu cards. They’re useful for a real-time monitor mix while recording though. Some compression and a touch of reverb makes a happy vocalist.

To me, the most valuable feature is being able to make a loopback channel that bounces audio back into an ASIO input. Incredibly useful for “resampling” VSTs directly into the renoise sampler without sound degradation.

In patchmix dsp, do the following:
Pull the strip’s fader all the way down to mute it

Now, in renoise, you can simply output a track to the “Loopback” output, and record directly from “Loopback In” in the sampler.

You can also use this technique to make loopback channels for the system Wave audio, making recording any system-played audio a breeze.

Hope this helps,

This loopback trick sound awesome. I’ll buy 0404 USB, what do you say?

Hey matey. Cheers for the advice. Yeah i am learning rapidly that the DSP on the cardis pretty much worth forgeting unless I am playing out somewhere and need to give the master signal some CPU free compression… I didnt see a limiter in the DSP list… Am I right in thinking there isnt one?

I will give your loopback trick a go when I get home… Does this have any advantages over rendering to sample?

Well… the effects aren’t so bad in some apps. You also have to look at your setup. First, you’re using a laptop with a processor that the EMU card doesn’t support- you can use it in theory, but even emu has mentioned a pentium 4 as minimum reguirement. I’m not raggin on your comp, but it may stunting the card. You might also want to check and see that you have a supported pcmcia slot. There was a list on the website that had a list of unsupported cardbus types (yeah, lame). An then you have to take in consideration that renoise doesn’t support outboard dsp processing sound cards either (somebody had explained it to me on here before)… apparently the work around is to place a dummy copy of the dsp plugin in every track. Some of this might be irrelevant, cause they may have fixed or changed a few things since I had one. Hope that helps.

That’s just a big fat lame crap reply, the only thing they achieve with that remark is loosing potential customers…
Besides in many countries it is not illegal to record copyrighted streaming material since in those countries “downloading” is considered legal, only sharing or uploading is considered a copyright infrigement.
They should do their homework better and not only base their products solely on one country’s law.

I just bet that the firewire port may not be capable of handling rerouting without quirks.
(probably independant of the fact if the firewire port is capable of supplying psu functionality or not)

I love the DSP FX,the patchmix is a very powerfull peace of software that you will not think untill you have the card setup proply with no problems(IRQConflicts the most common) and have had time on it.But i use the DSP FX for live use and have no need to use them in apps=,but for live use they rock :drummer: imho they sound better then most VST FX, :yeah: