Emu 1820m Renosie Xbase 09 Help!

Right im trying to get my Xbase syncd through the 1820m and renoise but im having trouble with it not staying in sync it keeps skipping out of time and shit,Ive set up a little session but dont really know how to setup a proper midi session as ive only had the card 2 weeks,

Any ideas how to setup a proper midi session or any other solutions

  1. Use the ASIO driver in renoise (Config -> Audio)

  2. Set the (Config ->) Midiclock Master Settings to your mididevice.

  3. Set your Xbase to ext sync (you’ve probably allready done that)

It should work fine now, I use the same settings with my Xbase and another soundcard/mididevice and have no problems.

Its ok i set all that up fine i found the problem after searching for ages to be one of my memory chips i dident think about memory instead i did all the oppisite stuff first as usual,did not know untill my games started crashing so i changed it and its fine now,