Emu II Samples anybody?

Hi there. I’ve been looking for Emu II sampler sample libraries, in wav or soundfont, but I just can’t find any of those. It would be cool to use them in renoise instead of Emu, and do some cool stuff with them. Does anybody know something about it?

Digital Sound Factory (https://www.digitalsoundfactory.com/) has proper rights to resell (now Creative’s?) EMU and Ensoniq classic sample content. They have tons and tons of stuff and, yes, some in soundfonts.

Thanks man, I’m going to take a look at those right now, but it seems that they all cost a little. I was hoping that maybe somebody sampled them like old drum machines and uploaded it, but it seems it’s not that easy. I see that there is a tool for sf2 - xrni conversion so soundfonts should work for me. Thanks!