Emu0404 PCI and Linux Renoise..

Hey guys,

Im looking for the Linux savy Renoisers here… I’m currently trying to set up my EMU 0404 PCI for use in Ubuntu and am running into some problems. Usually its plug and play in my past interactions but not so simple this time around. Im newer to Ubuntu and really to audio production in Linux overall. Anyone able to help?


Oh man. Are you really sure you want to go that route? Windows and OS X are so much better options when you talk about audio production.
One way or another, E-MU 0404 PCI is definitely supported by ALSA. This link may help you: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Module-emu10k1-fpga

That may just be what im looking for <3 CHEERS!!!

And yeah, My Windows instals always fuck up =( Somethings the matter with my on board vdeo i think, until I get a video card im afraid my wondows experience is delayed… im more the Linux guy anyway: Actually I should say im more about my modular these days but I just need somethng for the Renoise :wink:

I appreciate the help bud =D

Hello! The link to the alsa site is…err some very “low level” info. Don’t try to do all that stuff on there, it is rather geared to distributors and/or low-level-linux-from-scratch-freaks kind of, and can break your installation in some regards if you follow that stuff blindly. Nowadays on Ubuntu or other distros things work a bit differently.

What exactly is you problem with that soundcard? I could try a little to assist you, though I’m no pro, but have some linux/ubuntu experience.

http://www.kxproject.com/down.php?language=en (osx / win) off topic , but u can do hardware dsp on it, like lowpass one out etc.