Emulate A Korg Monotron With Native Dsp

I am currently working on emulating a korg monotron using native dsp by adding into dblue’s ringmod based native synth.

One issue I am trying to overcome is that the LFO does not go high enough… hence “L”, unless I set the lpb up over a hundred or so. I am trying to solve this by putting another dc-offset based synth on another channel, and using it to control the lfo of the main synth using an env follower.

I will post the WIP in a bit.



I’m willing to bet you would get a lot more interest in this topic at KVR than you will here. That’s where all the developer types congregate.

Cool idea, though. What you’ve done so far sounds reasonably Monotron-esque to me.

even though he’s probably right, i’m sure lots of people here read about it and like it (like myself) without making a comment about it. this stuff is usually a bit over my head so i don’t comment on it. you need guys like dblue testing this stuff and appreciating it for what it is, not me :)

anyway, keep up the good work.

Good work, I dig it! These are always fun experiments, emulation.

I believe a bit of static/noise is in order, to really nail the sound. Also, the curve of the control seems a bit more linear on the actual device.

based on the mp3, sounds like youll be able to do many awesome things with this emulation, i dont care what its “supposed” to be sounding like, it just sounds damn awesome