Emulator X Sampling Software

to alexander and all you other happy e-mu users; :D

i’ve decided to go for e-mu too, more specificly the 1820m package.
but what i haven’t manage to decide yet, is whether to include the emulator x software or not. it looks good and all, but taken cost into consideration i don’t know if it’s worth it.

so how cool and useful is it, really? what can this software do that renoise can’t?


EmulatorX is a full featured VSTi-sampler … like Kontakt, Halion, SampleTank and so on … but in some facts it’s … better than all these others: audioquality (compareable with Gigastudio), manipulation of sounds (filters and so on) …
another thing is the relative high cpu usage (but it’s possible to switch off the hq mode). not so good is the user interface … a little bit small and not scaleable. but the same on kontakt or others.
the included sample-cd’s are good but not compareable to 300$ sample/sound-cd’s.

if you haven’t any VSTi-/standalone-sampler (like kontakt) and no gigs of softsampler-sounds on you hd … maybe buy the bundle. i’m happy with EmulatorX and sometimes i use the nice strings or some drumsounds from the bundle. good price/value really!

the difference to Renoise: Renoise sampler is extremly limited. no layers, small number of samples per instrument and so on … not compareable!

by the way, does this sampler import other formats? which one? how is import quality?

I too am considering the Emu 0404 (I can get it for $49!!), but you may consider moving up to the 1212m. It supposedly has the same DACs as Protools.

I’m thinking that the 0404 probably still has decent ones that will suffice for me, but I’m not sure what I wanna do…

Nice reviews…

There’s more here (not all emu related but still worth mentioning):

there is converter-tool in the package … EIII, ESi, akai1000/3000/5000/6000, gigastudio, exs, halion, s5000/6000 … EmulatorX matches all older sampleformat-features … some differences in maps/layers on gigastudio-stuff sometimes but it’s really good …

don’t know … but emulatorX standalone version runs also with directsound and in this way with all soundcards (maybe).
i can select directsound or asio in the prefs as audio-dev.
i don’t think e-mu sells emulatorX for only 99$ anytime or something like this. the product-philosophy is more “we sell the emulatorX for $299 and the soundcard is the giveaway or something like this … not in the other way”

An electronics store (Fry’s Electronics) that normally doesn’t carry anything better than Creative Labs and Turtle Beach cards got them in for some reason. They’re selling it for $49 (which is great), and the 1212m for $199 (which is normal). I noticed it right as the store was closing, and I can’t remember if that was a sale or not. I hope it’s still that price when I go back. :)


If you don’t have a Fry’s in your area, they’re something in between what you’d expect from an electronics store and a big Costco-like warehouse. They buy in massive quantities, pinch pennies in the weirdest places, and come out with some really cheap prices and some really obnoxiously commissioned unhappy employees…

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