Enable Line-in Device For Render Selection To Sample or add "Reco

Please please please do that!

Ofcourse only if i choose realtime mode… it would save me a lot of time :)

I have a lot hardware and it’s really annoying when i have to switch forth and back between renoise and sampling tool…
i am sure that it is not a big deal to make it happen :)

it’s a must have feature



I guess you then probably want a “Record selection to sample” which is a better term. Rendering is calculated shaping and has nothing to do with audio-recording.


you didnt catch the point… if sound from line-in device can go through vst effects etc that means it can be recorded.
to make things simpler - if you think there could be sync problems with vst instruments, then let me choose wheter to record line-in or vstis.
if you dont want to do that, please do some api and let me do this by myself…

everytime i start renoise i think… how the hell they cant implement such useful and simple thing…


Sorry to try to simplify this further…

Do you the (the original poster) mean that you want a feature to record whatever you put through the line device to a sample as you play along to a song?

I am having trouble understanding. Sorry!

This is simple:

  • i have a synthesizer connected to line-in
  • midi-out is connected to my synthesizer

i can setup renoise instrument to allow me to play that synthesizer from renoise’s sequencer.
then i can create for e.g. bass loop
what i would like to do is:
select that loop in seq, put line-in device on master or whatever, record it
and have automatically loaded sample in instrument box.
then i can change preset in my synth and play something else …

i was thinking…

can you add renoise specific opcode for vst host that will trigger renoise to load a sample passed by parameter to next free instrument slot ?
then i could write a vst plugin that will do the job
i am really desperated… please…

I Think elcct want the same option as “Record selection to sample” for Vsti but for external recording.

And I would love this! You should no longer need to jump between the sequenser and the sample editor/record when you wanna record from external gear. Maybe one easier solution would be a “rec”-button in the “line in”. Like this:

There are 3rd party line-in VSTs out there ;) … and they WILL work :P

But as long as they are not incompatible with Renoise because of bugs in Renoise, that is really not of much interest :P :P

you lost me there… they work with renoise… and they will work when you record to sample… I’ve done it ;)

Okay yeah, it is not really “not interesting” - but also not really an argument to not implement such a feature in Renoise (if it’s doable of course), which is how I interpreted your comment (considering you didn’t drop any names or links VST wise).

BYTE-Smasher: yes i know they are, but i dont want to shuffle between directories to find recorded samples. i want to have them straight in a intrument selection box like it is with ‘render selection to sample’.
Why you people saying no to that feature ? it won’t disturb you with anything. and would be really useful for me and others.
i am really considering to switch from renoise to other app because of that. i have some hardware and this switching between renoise and sample editor is taking off all the pleasure from making music.
do you really want to have renoise acting only as simple loop generating toy ? if it aim to be a professional software it’s the right point to go for.
i don’t mention arranger here :)

It’s the one mystery of the Renoise forum for me… the quick shooting down of ideas (other than for technical or clutter reasons etc.) or the constant replies with suggestions for mediocre workarounds is way more annoying than"dumb questions" IMHO. I could understand the devs bitching about people wanting too much (btw, let’s not ask what Renoise can do for us, let’s ask what we can do for Renoise! :lol:), but why do that when you wouldn’t even be the one having to implement it? Just because it changes the program people got used to?

Johann: yes, you’re right. but this is a bit funny in it’s seriousness… now line-in acts as something unfinished…
you know i was pretty happy when i saw that device. so first thing i did was to connect my synth and play some lines. when i finished i wanted to record what i had created and i thought if there is line-in device in chain then rendering will automatically switched to realtime… and it made me really dissapointed :(
if renoise team would like me to implement that i could do it with love. i am familiar with all this dsp crap. and i know that if renoise is programmed in a smart way, adding that feature is max one day of work for one developer, and that makes me unhappy because it’s so so so so so simple to do, and they dont want to go for it…
i asked for that feature few months ago, but i was ignored with the same ‘blablablabla you can use external vst blablabla’

Bantai: yes you,re right. but it’s not designed to cope with midi controlled devices. i see no point with playing with this rec tool in sampler if this could be automated… that’s why i am asking for…


Sure that would kick ass for anyone with lots of external gear (including me).
So you, me and many others would just love that feature.
So it’s not like anyone is not liking your idea. It’s just human nature in here to suggest other options and workarounds. And of course not everyone do have external equipment at all, and might not seem so enthusiastic about your idea, or simply not understand the problem in the first place.

Though, this specific feature (to send midi notes and record Line-in devices when rendering to sample) has been discussed quite throughly several times before. Both public and internally.

So why is it not there?
Well, even if it was just a day of coding, then that is still a whole day!
It’s no problem at all to find many many ‘one-day-coding-features’.
So it is basically just a question of priority . I have not heard anyone hate this idea or anything.

Patience is the keyword when requesting any new feature.
Not getting an direct answer from main developer does not mean that the idea is bad or ignored.
But at least 95% (at least!) of ‘new suggestions’ are simply not new.
Anyways… bottom line is that the todo-list is just incredible large. And we really need a taktik-meta-subdimetional-cloning-device to ever get through that list.

Sorry people, I wasn’t trying to shoot down the ideas… I was simply trying to help you get what you wanted faster… and I wasn’t reffering to VSTs which record to disk, but rather, VSTs that act as a line-in to your DSP chain… I simply forget the names of them at the moment :(

Please don’t take that personally, it’s not even so much pointed at this issue (I wasn’t getting emotional or anything)… I kinda just abused the opportunity for a mini rant because this thought crossed my mind a few times <_<

This is nonsense. Straight up. You’re contemplating switching packages because renoise won’t render your external gear along with your samples? Are you mental? What other package has that feature? I’m very interested!

What you’re asking for is something that will record a mixdown of your line-in signal and the module render, or do a render first, then a record of your line-in, then mix the signals together.

If you use external gear (and i do! A lot!) the concept of traditional tracker/vst host style rendering goes out the window. Understand this.

What you have to start doing is consider that your external gear and renoise live in separate worlds entirely, wether you like it or not, and you need a mediator between those two worlds. Today, taktik agreed to the notion of playback synced sample recording. This solves basically all your problems. When this is implemented in 1.9, when you want to render your song, first do a play through to sample your line-in signals. Place an instance of the sample at c-4 at the beginning of your song, then render. Tada, mixdown, with whatever effects you wanted still adjustable on the track if you recorded a dry signal. This effectively bakes your hardware setup as well. Storing complex midi hardware setups in xrns is still not something you really want to do, so this is, once you reach the point where you want to record, the way to do things.

Alternatively, do what i’ve been doing for a while now and record your song externally, be it on a separate computer or whatever. I’ve been using this: http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/products/h4/

In short: Are you investing in external gear, and still want to use Renoise as part of your setup? Learn the terrain. It’s not necessarily compatible with your traditional tracker methodology. This goes double to triple when you want to start working with live instruments.