Enable Line-in Device For Render Selection To Sample or add "Reco

Pysj: and what was the reason of not implementing this ?

“What you have to start doing is consider that your external gear and renoise live in separate worlds entirely”

yes, because that feature is not implemented. and you are another person saying ‘blablabla use something else blablabla’ without saying ANY sensible arguments…

Let me answer this one.

Because its not that easy to add/change. The rendering currently works next to the sound card output (the sound card gets disabled while rendering), so to get a real realtime mode we would have to change quite a lot of things here and there…

Of course this would be great to have. No doubt. Its just not that easily done…


ok let it be… it is probably not so easy to do with directsound, but with asio it is, but it may break the logic and confuse people…

ok nevermind :)

Because it’s very straight forward, and i didn’t think you’d have to be spoonfed. Serves me right.
And you can’t use something else. Because there’s no other package that will do the sort of render you’re asking for. What you need is a solution that sync-records your external sources to a sample. This will literally solve everything you’re bickering about, and we’re getting it. So what are you on about?

I’d rather time be spent solving general problems everyone come across than rewrite the rendering so a few guys can get line-in device recording figured into the mixdown because they can’t be arsed to face the fact that renoise is first and foremost a sample driven sequencer.