enabling/disabling saving Track mute Status..

Any chance this could be implemented? Perhaps in the prefs>misc section as a checkbox?

since on/off status is saved per song, you could achieve this by creating a new song, set the track on/off status the way you want, then saving the current song as default template song (see “Song Settings” section); every new song will have this setup, and Renoise will start this way.

(btw, to avoid creating a new song with this default setup, use LCTRL+LSHIFT+N or “File => New song (no template)”)

Sorry, I should have worded this differently. I meant to disable the saving of the track status altogether. It’s often I’ll load up a song & tweak a track on it and save it whilst the other’s are muted, which ends up loading muted too. The only reason I bring this up is because during a live set, I loaded up a track on my lappy and didn’t see one of the muted tracks, which kind of ruined the drop on a certain tune :(

I guess it’s probably too much of a minor matter, but hope springs eternal!