End Task

for those sad moments when renoise does crash, why is it so stuborn? i can hit like ‘end task’ and ‘don’t send’ about 15 times and it still won’t go away. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

can anyone load this file into `1.9?

notsure if thats that right file extension name dont give a f**** just change it if it’s wrong, im pissed off right now, why wont this unfinished song not f****ing load

this is the shit i have to put up with all week

and dont doubt my pc, it’s windows xp pro, 3ghz procesesor, gig of ram, over 500gig of space.

For process killing you might wanna try killbox
if you (like me) get the error msg “component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid”, dl and install this file
or you could try this one:

EDIT: OMG, just noticed you use internet explorer… :confused:

How about changing your browser for starters?.. at least one way less for spammers and trojan spitters to overhurl your system with crappy creepers.
I do not trust toolbars for any minute as i don’t like commercial crap in my browser.

this is why i’ve turned on autosaving of backups ever 10 minutes.
I suggest you do the same milkshake man.

p.s. www.getfirefox.com

Some drivers can not be easily killed, that why you sometimes cant simply quit Renoise after something bad happens.

But as said by Bantai and the others: We need to know why Renoise crashes for you. What exactly should we do, how can we help you if you simply say that you can not kill Renoise?

We’ll need to know if its because of a VST, because of a bug in Renoise or because of a driver problem. Please try to describe what you did before you got the crash, which VSTs you’ve used and how you used them. If you can replicate this crash so that we could examine this here. Posting the log will also help to see what happened before you got this problem…