Endonyx - Silent Chaos [Finished!]


finally had some time to finish this track. i am pretty content with the energetic way the track rolls on :) took a bit of inspiration from different styles of music like Hardtechno / industrial hardcore / darkspy and melted it to a organised chaos ! :drummer:

fully produced in almost all (beta)-versions of renoise 2.7 haha :P

small update bump :walkman:

This makes Aaron Funk sound soft.

I have to admit, I was never was a big fan of super distorted kicks. Ever. Loved every second of the intro bit until 0:45, but the distortion just went way too far for me. Consider making a version without the hardcore madness and it would be one hell of a detailed, dub-esque stomper.

Hardcore hate aside, this is pretty damn intricately made! You could have used a bit more variation in terms of panning ( left - right - left - right) but some of those sounds were reminiscent of Amon Tobin in terms of quality as well as creativity and I could have sworn some nasty drop, if not exactly dubstep bassline laden, was about to assault my earlobes any second now, but that… gabba-ness had to come in and oh dang it I lost my train of thought. And that ending just made me very, very depressed. I hope yer happy now.

It’s more of a style qualm than anything else, making me wonder why I ever wrote this review in the first place. Ah well, I can imagine hard-core lovers would absolutely adore this.

hahaha don’t sweat it dude! being compared to amon tobin is a great compliment to me ^_^

and style issues aside thanks for trying to listen without prejudice :yeah:

track is almost done now i think 2 more nights and i hope i can update the soundcloud version again :slight_smile:

finished track bump :D

as an admirer of schranz/hardtechno i have to say that this is quite good. it needs A LITTLE bit more punch/thump (for my taste). i personally wouldn’t mind longer kick parts, tho your transitions in between are spot on!

thanx for the comment :) i do really love the pure raw energy that schranz can provide on the dancefloor but i find that most of those tracks have way tooo long kickparts without exiting thing happening with the sounds so that was why i chose to keep the kickparts short and make it come back three times :panic: but maybe it could be a bit longer in hindsight

pretty crazy! Liked :)

thanks mate!

ruff stuff indeed :)

that’s the way i like em :)