Energy Xt Or Somethink Like That

Sorry for doubling topics if its happend

energyxt 1.4 versin is perfekt to split and route midi chanels to several vst instruments,
but buggy its always crashes and mem leaks

could any one suggest a midi routing vst whitch could attatch difirent vst instruments
(like energyxt but simplier), my device - midi perkution, and i want to rote diferent midi notes to different


And how does EnergyXT 2.0 perform?
You can download a free upgrade if you own 1.4

2 dosent have midi patch for keyboard splitting
or i couldnt find,
I tried free ndcmidi pack and it doesnt work in version 2, in 1.4 works fine.

It seems to me what energyxt is bugy like hell. and mayby is there anothers similar produkt?

yeah v2 is pretty buggy, and not feature complete.

are you using version 1.41? it runs pretty solid for me, some weird glitches in vst mode sometimes, but no hard crashes.

for me 1.4
some times crashes
after exit exeption errors
memory leaks , becouse after using energyxt on renoise,i must restart windows to run again renoise instance with song
very rare energy xt stops playing by itself

Plogue Bidule might be worth a look: