Energyxt Alternative For Long Files

I have been using energyXT2 as vst in renoise to play back long files, and it works, but eXT is quite buggy. Can anyone recommed a better program that can perform the same functionality? I dont care about freezing and such, I just want to play back long files.

you could try ext version 1.4 , works fine for me

Yeah, 1.4 works for me too. No problem with large audio files whatsoever. But with version 2, I remember there were a lot of troubles.

Hmm, 1.4 worked worse on my computer, the interface was black and green and looked really strange. Anyway eXT2 kind of works, was just curious if any other programs do the same thing.

^ you can fix that by dragging a file called ‘default.gui’ (it’s in the ext folder) onto the ext vst instance, then close and reopen it.

also you can try usine