energyxt crashed

A few days ago I tried energyxt again and I’m in love with the “references” stuff, i mean the duplicate and un-ghost functions, and that it even forces you to use it all time. So simple and elegant, but…

On KVR a few people wrote energyxt crashes, “no problem for me”, I thought and bought it. I was wrong. It has just killed a few really good trancy bars of my current song.
Oh, how can so elegant software be so untested, it’s a shame. The workflow is just so mind-blowing genius imho.

I think it was ok to support Joergen, solely for his workflow ideas, and I’m contented. But I’m not sure I’ll go on using XT. I think hosting the image-line plugins without crashes is a must.
Of course I should just ask for support maybe? But when people on KVR write that the developer is busy with software on other platforms, I don’t see I’m getting a patch before a few weeks.
I’m waiting for patches on my favorite graphics tools too, so, I’m just pessimistic about that.

I have to tell you the sad truth: you will have to live with it’s flaws and hope that one day, maybe, there will be an update. I am using it for 6 or some years and have written and programmed and whatever a lot of music. So one thing is sure: save often and try to find plugins that do work stable. And of course, use renoise instead, it have a little bit steeper learning curve than xt, but it’s rock stable and have some wonderful tools to get you to the goal you are after.

EnergyXT 2.x seems a lot less stable than it’s final 1.x predcessor.
1.x has its lacks, but if you can get it from somewhere, you would save yourself the hassle of the 2.x versions…

*cry :smashed: :( :( :(

I give up

I had it improved by removing the image-line plugins. There was some use after free bug or so that was now completely gone for the last few days.
This time it crashed when transposing notes. I guess I was instead moving the patterns and the pattern editor lost some pointer or whatsoever, anyways, 8 patterns lost. I can’t be bothered anymore. Gonna buy Cubase 6 or anything where lots of people say it’s stable. Sadly 1 click in energyxt sometimes equals 3 clicks in cubase, at least what I can remember from old cubase versions. But trying it any further is useless.

Regarding Renoise, I own a copy and like it a lot. I just don’t like it being like a big array, where moving around selected stuff means deleting the stuff underneath, I never felt comfortable with this. And between note names and OFF is so much empty space or “—”, it just doesn’t look like notes, it looks all like note-ons plus note-offs. I’ve used trackers quite a lot, but TBH, I never really could read and understand the note names like “oh there’s G#4 and A-4 that’s a halftone and will sound bad”. With Pianoroll you just see it, you don’t have to read it. And transposing = moving stuff around. Couldn’t be easier. That’s why I will probably never be happy with a tracker.

I understand you completely, sometimes I have similar problems, but then I use imagination to re-create a keyboard in my head :). And it works most of the times:)