Energyxt + Renoise (multi Outs)

Did you guys read this:…renoise#1114207

I haven’t read the whole thing yet (time to go to bed), but that would mean a piano roll within Renoise and maybe multi outs for my favorite sampler (kontakt)?

Hmmm, looks promising. I’ll give a look tomorrow but I’ll leave it here so you guys give it a look.



Yes, I am actually 4tune in that thread, :)

If you want a quick guide to using the audio tracks with XT and renoise I have written some tips HERE. Pysj offers a nice tip on MIDI recording and freezing also in this thread.

The piano roll seems easy enough to use from the piano rolls I`ve tried but still not as good as a tracker for me :)

You should be able to use multi outs with Kontakt with no problem for adding fx etc. although you will still be limited to one track in renoise for sequencing them.