Energyxt Sample Filepath Issue

I have a question to you folks using XT with renoise.
I’m using version 1.x.something of energyXT (I think it’s the latest before v2 came out),
and it works fine for my purposes, except:

  • if i for example rename or move a folder in windows explorer that contains samples that’s being used
    by XT in a renoise project, XT naturally ask for these files the next time I open the project. BUT; even if
    I tell XT where the samples are now, it won’t remember the destination to those samples for the future,
    only the original filepath that was assigned the very first time.

of course, one solution is to NEVER move or rename anything, but that’s kind of unpractical in some

I’ve been looking everywhere in my windows system for files associated to XT that stores this filepath information, but with no luck.

do anyone know where and how i can flush, reset or manually retype the new filepaths? has to be done outside xt and renoise, it seems.

thanks for any reply

Have you tried to wrap/load xt 1.4 with xt 2 in renoise?!

sorry, i don’t understand. you mean using two different versions of xt at the same time? would that solve my filepath problem in a way?
sounds a bit scetchy i think :)

perhaps saving the file with a new name will work. lucky guess though. but it might work.