Energyxt2 Cm Core Give Away For Free

Just bought several new issues of CM, Musictech mags.
And there is a free version of energyXT2 Core edition (some kind of lightened ver.).

So, if somebody wants it, just tell me your e-mail or something. I`ll send ya.

pm sent :D

it was on the “BEAT”-CD a while ago, but unless they changed something the VST-Version is missing, it’s just the standalone.

yes. it`s standalone, no VST support, built in EQ and Synth.

raw and simple.

thanx for the software atarix,it is as i understand it,a very "lightened"version,and i just had a quick play with it yesterday,but i couldnt to figure it out,cause of the limitations,but i will have another go at it in the easter holiday

its a shame i cant use it with renoise,that would have been cool

I’ve bought the beat mag with this “light” version and therefore was able to upgrade to the full version for a low price (can’t remember exactly how much, but it was something around 30 € instead of 50 € for the full version)
It’s a pretty good sequencer and it’s getting better constantly as the developer is adding features on a regular basis. I use it as my main sequencer on linux along with renoise (connected via jack).
If you want the possiblility to get a great bang for the buck, this light version is worth getting. That said, the regular 50€ for the full version is still a great offer.
(No… i am not affiliated in any way with the maker(s) of energyxt… just a customer) ^^

ive got my "light"version from atarix,so can i still upgrade to the full software for the smaller price??