Enigma Style Vsts

Hi. If you wanted to become an Enigma clone composer… which VSTi’s would you use or recommend?

The reason I ask is that being predominantly a heavy metal head who loves pads (and Enigma!), I wouldn’t have a clue where to start looking for those deep drumkit sounds used in Enigma’s CDs. I certainly wouldn’t use my EZ Drummer Vintage kit thats for sure…

So… could somebody recommend some suitable techno drumkit VSTis? (if indeed they are of the ‘techno’ genre).


A Fine 808-Set:


The choir can be emulated with Magnus Choir for example, although it’s better to buy some gregorian CDs ;)

Hi Marc. Thanks I’ll give that a try… Now I have another question - is there a VST available that will allow you to map individual samples to keyboard keys? :slight_smile:

Mapping individual Samples to different keys is a renoise-feature. Look in the instrument-editor for details

Yeah I noticed that in the tutorials. I think I’d rather find an easier to use VST that will load lots of samples at once though. I subscribe to Computer Music - I’m sure one of the coverdiscs must contain something that will do this. NI Kontakt may do what I’m after. I couldn’t face loading in each individual sample for each individual instrument. I’m lazy. :slight_smile: Thanks tho. Next I’ll be trying to find similar pads…