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Everything is too small. I can barely read the file browser etc etc. Maybe some support for people using high resolutions ?

c:\program files (x86)\Renoise 2.x.x\skin\fonts
c:\program files (x86)\Renoise 2.x.x\skin\fonts\Config.xml

On Linux this depends on where your applications are installed where your bin folder resides.
On MacOSX i don’t know the location of these files, neither am i sure you can adjust these files too easily.

On Windows 7 you can copy and paste them between the original and a temporary location where you can read and write to the files.

Here’s an OSX Path:
Applications (or where ever Renoise.app is located) -> Right Click -> Show Package Contents -> Resources -> Skin -> Fonts

Great ! Only thing is, the GUI doesn’t resize to support the changes made. Everything is smushed together and unreadable now.

There are various fonts that you can change or let them be as they are.
Are bigger fonts causing problems in every area?