Ennio Morricone Eat Ya Heart Out

Does anyone like the creepy soundtrack to the thing?
I F***ING love it, anything that guy does is good, and his work with synths in The Thing is deadly.
So one day I decided to remake it. This blitty is very loopable, but im gonna go back at it tonight (with some green;-) and see if i can jazz it up some(I can hear so many beats in it i’m about to start squirming), My weapons of choice were , Zebracm for the wind/bass/303ish + Dsk-Strings for the, well , strings.
Any Ideas Anyone?
(here it is)

To fight against Morricone is a bit like fighting Chuck Norris… if you know what I mean ;)

It’s true, Morricone is a genius, but your link seems to go to a blank page, at least on my PC it does…?

Seems the 4shared server is acting funny, cannot login, and your right blank screen here too.!! And i just got one of these “java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out”
Il try again tonight sorry about that.
It seem to have just let me in?

The Thing is amazing as everything from the master

Ennio Morricone is The God

Heres the finished one http://soundcloud.com/christiansvslions/thethings-slippycurb

well im happy with it because its been put into the latest development version of UFOAI. http://ufoai.sourceforge.net/
Thats a good game by the way!!!

I dig the track, it’s got some cool skills. Could use a melody though, and maybe getting rid of that initial little saw wave sound. Also, i’d say the 808/909 snare is a bad choice in keeping with the sound… but overall this is cool.
And also, that sample, the synth…that note that creates the dissonance isnt going to help you…you should maybe work on turning it down before it plays.
btw, your christiansvslions thing made me think of this… :rolleyes:

Imagine one of those as a pet!!!He would eat alot of kitekat.
Yeah, I wasnt able to mix the that dissonance sound very well,I shouldve automated the compression on it so it didnt poke through too much in parts.I thought of getting rid of it when the drums came in, but thought it would stray too far from the original film theme.And your right about the intro, its terrible, but thats me being an eager beaver and wanting to let it loose into the wild.The snare sound, maybe its filling the wrong frequencys, il look and see what else i can change it too/see if superior drummer sounds better,(maybe real drumkit will add to ambience with out muddying track)
thanks for the heads up and il be looking at this tonight. …I like Missions

god… i just typed in a load of stuff here and lost it…oh well il write it again.

made some changes lastnight. …Changed intro abit,Turned down 303ish, and also made it dropout during the beat parts, its not a as annoying now. I also phattened up the snare sound with a live snare(later on in the track, i use a mix-pasted version of the two snares)
do you think I should change the wind that rolls through some of the track, does it do what i thought it would?( if you remember the film “The Thing”, it starts with a helicoptor chasing a wolf, you can hear wind, strings and 303ish synth, this is what i was sort of going for)
I havnt any idea of a melody yet???
Am i getting closer to what youd like to hear?
Thanks people

Yeh the beat sounds alot phatter…liking it.
The little saw sound is nicer off in the background too.
One thing i’d mention is the bass kick gets a little loud around 00:51secs, and it may be good to use it as a synth too? as in dont make it the same note…that may help you with writing a melody aswell, varying the bassnotes…
All in all though, it does sound much better. The wind helps create an atmosphere (literally!) throughout the piece.

i havnt had a chance to get back to it yet.I havnt forgotten.Im doing up a house before i move into it(eventually).Im out for the weekend now too.The black shtuff is flowing.

Another manic version.