Entering 09xy Values

Hi All.

I’m trying to get the 09xy sample offset effect to work, but I’m having a lot of trouble just entering the values.

I loaded up a vertical column with Identical note values (c-406 3F) - - - -

when I click on the ---- I get a green selection area. when I type 09, I get sample playback of the curent insturment, the number pad does nothing.

So, thinking I screwed someting up, I load the test song “sample offset”. I see all of the 09xy values in there, but when I double click, then arrow over to them, the same thing happens, I cannot use the keypad to enter values.

What am I missing here?


Press ESCAPE in the upper left of your qwerty keyboard to enter EDIT mode. You will see a big red border, this will mean you can “EDIT”. Instead of using the mouse, move the cursor around using tab/shift-tab and the arrow keys, like in a spreadsheet.

Good luck.

They keypad is reserved for other functionality, so typing in numbers using the keypad won’t work, not even when edit mode is on.