Entire album created in Renoise

Hey all,

I’ve recently released a new album and all the songs were created in Renoise. I’m not going for a plug for the album. I wanted to say thanks to the Renoise team for creating some awesome software! Coming from the MPC, Renoise works like I think!

The first track “Bass” was created in 3.0 and I used the probability on the drums. Pretty sweet that it won’t play the same way twice. LOL All the other tracks were in 2.8.

I just had an interview on a local music blog today and they asked about my music production process and gear. MPC and Renoise all the way baby!

Hey! Nice album. Really liked the variety throughout. Thanks for sharing.

Woo! Thanks!

Borrowed some samples from Hunz in Come With me? ;)

Nice jungly breaks, I like track 2 best, oldschool 1996 techstep vibes.

Nice guess… :lol: Except for the drum break, Come With Me was entirely created from the Jean Valjean death scene at the end of the last Les Mis movie.

Thanks a lot Djeroek!