Entry For Knowledge Mag Seba Remix Competition

Me and a friend threw together an entry for the Knowledge mag remix competition (found here if you wanna give it a shot as well: http://www.kmag.co.uk/editorial/musictech/knowledge-seba-remix-competition).

Some details need to be polished still, but i’m impatient and throwing it out there. A more polished version will come later featuring a friend who actually knows how to play keys, my playing stinks. Maybe some guitars from another friend as well. So well, I guess this is more of a preview/teaser :P


Feedback would be greatly appreciated (any kind… how does it sound? what needs to be improved? what’s good? anything out of tune? kicking in at the wrong place? you get the drift ;) Oh, and if you like it it would be sweet if you favourited it on soundcloud, there’s a prize for most favourited too…

Original is here if you wanna listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMcDZgNAIsY&feature=player_embedded

Loving the mood, verb drenched vocals, maybe the relatively dry drum sounds are a little to standard drum kit sounding? Might be just my taste, I’d throw in some more breaks :)

In all, nice remix already!

Hmyeah, I get what you mean. Will give the drums some more attention too and maybe throw in some more drums.
Thanks for the feedback :)

Any tips for getting rid of the dryness btw?

process them more, not meaning dry that they need reverb necessarily, there’s plenty of that in the seba samples :) . you could play around with compression, getting sharper transients / attack, maybe run the drums through a stack/amp/distortion type plugins getting some dirt on them.

yeah, there’s already a (short) reverb on the snares.
i suck at compression, so i’ve just used a preset from Voxengo Elephant (masters punch +3db). Planning to try and learn the basics though, gotta do it.