Enumerating Available Midi Devices...


Just wanted to ask - Renoise is starting with “Enumerating Available Midi Devices” message, it stays on the screen for 20 seconds and then starts. Is it normal or something is wrong with my system?
I have Vista X64, quad core and 8GB ram [for now]…

What midi devices do you have available. maybe one of them is bad.

Hm I have EMU 0404 [soundcard] and Roland PC-180A - midi keyboard connected on it. And also default soundcard on my motherboard.

Is there any settings to check somewhere on Vista system?

If you don’t use your onboard soundcard, i would sugegst you to disable it, it also saves you from a ot of other hassles in Windows in general.

Hm. I remember when having xp I had to enable onboard sound card as at that time some games didn`t recognize sound card and I had to route all sound to board-soundcard by default. Also I used to have TV card, and it never supported EMU 0404… :(

Please take a look at my screen snapshoot:


and let me know what to do / where to disable onboard soundcard and how to do it. Sorry for weird questions but this system seems a bit different than I used to work in past… Vista has very strange way of enabling / disabling microphone for chat [I had to open many mixers and go too much deep for just simple microphone on / off] :S

How about in the system BIOS ? :)
That’s the best place, the hardware will automatically disappear from your device list as well (but is not uninstalled in case you need it back!).
Another way is right-clicking all the audio devices and select “Disable”. In some situations that won’t be enough (because system resourcces are still reserved)

Ahaa. Good point. I will try it later and see if I can do something. :) Thanx.