envelope continuity when recording sliders

dunno if this was discussed before, but when you record slider-movements into an envelope with RMB+LShift it resets to some default value each time you reach a new pattern. Try it.

Taktik, I remember you mentioned that envelopes get start and end values at creation. I would prefer to simply leave this out.


Instead of that i would like to have a button for each device in the DSP-Settings that takes a snapshot of all it’s sliders by creating an envelope for each and putting the value at the current position of the pattern-editor.

No more situations where changes make a former pattern accidentally sound not original anymore because you forgot to bake the settings! I experience this quite frequently ;)

Btw, i don’t want sound too critic here, I luv renoise! I would have even paid twice the money man!


about resetting to the current value :
this is exactly what you want when creating a new envelope. I dont get why it should not set the current value …

about the “wrong values” :
the envelopes work right now exactly like a graphical representation of the pattern. so the values will only change when a envelope is present, but I want to change this anyway to a continues envelope for each parameter.