Envelope Editing Inaccuracy

the editing of automation envelopes via mouse is pretty sluggish.
it lacks accuracy.

if there are two envelope points next to each other and you want to select the left one via mouse in order to drag it vertically, you usually click on it but sometimes might hit it slightly to the right from the actual point.
renoise then likes to select the next point, even though, you just slightly missed the one you wanted, the other point (to the right) which is way farther away, becomes selected.
so renoise seems to favourize those clicks which take place LEFT to some point - there should be some pivot area, which determines which point is being selected.

and i personally still miss a block copy/past function for automation envelopes like hell, especially for longer patterns it’s a must have feature in my view… but that’s another story :blink:

The instrument volume envelopes have the same problem, and I was going to suggest something be done about it, but then I thought: if you increase the resolution (i.e. number of envelope points), you run into problems…

Still, it would be nice to have such a pivot area.

we really need an “envelope edit mode” which lets us edit envelopes with keyboard.

I agree It.

i agree too … this could be simply realized with the cursor keys

up / down: increase / decrease the value

left / right: jumps to the previous/next envelope point

I would make it this way:

left/right/up/down: moves the point

shift, ctrl or whatever+ l/r: select the envelope points.

  • adding a box with the value of the current selected node and a box with it’s x-coordinate (or better translated: row and tick position e.g. 50.1 which is row 50, tick 1)
    One can then double click the value box, enter the precise value and the other box to enter the precise position. This can be great for synchronizing your envelope timings to your loop-timings. The value box can work out a lot of pitch-issue deals.