Envelope Editor View

nice suggestions here.

hmmm, is it just me or doesn’t having time run in two different directions bother anyone else? ofc, with today’s wide screen screens it might be a lot better.

if we want to work with samples stretching over multiple patterns and automation that is visible on “arranger level” then there must be some way of displaying it alongside the pattern editor, vertically imo.


i wonder too! :o :blink: D:

Awesome stuff!

+all I have

+1, but don’t overcomplicate it.


considering 99% of us read from left to right, and 100% of our screens are wider than tall, I for one salute our horizontal overlords yay! :D


and -1 for people cluttering up threads like these with unrelated ideas instead of starting their own threads.

Would love a bigger automation editor too. For custom LFOs i’m currently creating the curve in the normal automation window and copy and paste it into the LFO.

I’m doing it in instrument editor.


i know the 2,6 release is all about getting the scripting optimised,but just wanted to make a small bump for this one :D


Wouldn’t something like the aforementioned ideas be possible with scripting?

Yeah, a big +1 for big (instrument/automation/LFO/whatever) envelope editors, alongside a few handy editing tools, and the ability to select and adjust multiple points in one go. I agree that more of a ‘songwide’ view of automation would definitely be nice too, even if it is horizontal. Like Psyj has already said, it could actually serve several purposes like pianoroll, and waveform views.

I guess it could be scripted, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs have got something big around the corner regarding the whole rni setup, perhaps even a bit of a layout change. Who knows!? :D

I guess as a normal feature it would be better, so what the hell…

I’m okay with a new layout, as long as they keep XML. XML Rocks! :yeah:

so does JSON! yeah I know, it’s not directly comparable because it lacks the whole validation part, but it’s still so slick it needs to be brought up wherever XML is praised :D maybe not for Renoise, but for a LOT of other applications: bleh XML, yay JSON…!

boink :dribble: because with my computer I work with BIGGER and BIGGER screens, and everything becomes smaller and smaller and sometimes I even have to take the Windows Se7en magnifying glass, to make more precise moves.

Is this a joke?

How do you guys pull up the full screen pattern editor I can’t get it to open.


You mean the two little buttons near the top right for hiding top and bottom pane?

A set of eight global preset buttons are used to switch between various sections of the interface and are accessed by either clicking on them or pressing F1 - F8 on the keyboard. Renoise comes with eight presets already stored by default. To the right of this are two buttons which show/hide the upper or lower sections of the interface and the full screen button, which fully covers the desktop.

Sorry I mean the full screen LFO editor screen.

Its a mock up suggestion. It currently doesn’t exist, though you can use the automation editor and copy paste onto the LFO.