Envelope Format

Just a quick thought this; what is the reason why there is no Renoise envelope file format?

In the future I hope we will be able to save clips of different kind.
That includes envelope/automation clips as well. You could then just drag/drop a clip from file browser or from the songs internal cliplist on to instrument window or to the automation window etc.

i don’t know, i personally don’t need that. loading simple preset (cubic fade out/in, which i need mostly) would be maybe a bit longer than just clicking three times in the envelope editor. and when i need something more advanced, it’s so unique that i could barely use it as preset at some other place.

just my point of view.

I agree with Nula, I personally wouldn’t need it but it could come in handy sometimes. I say, keep the quick cubic fade in/out and add that *.rne =D
So people that won’t need it could just ignore it.

You’re probably right :)