Envelope Modulation Device ?

Hi. By sending reset signals to a oneshot LFO with a custom waveform, one can have a nice envelope to control a parameter. Maybe we could have a separate “Envelope Modulation Device” for that ?

Honestly I don’t really see what it could do that cannot be done with the LFO trick. But for the sake of readability, I think it would be an improvement anyway.

Hey, I am confused- help me out here, could you not just draw in the envelope in Automation?

I am not trying to say your idea has no weight, on the contrary; I believe I don’t understand your idea fully and it may useful for me!

a separate envelope meta device is really not necesary as we can drawn custom envelopes in the lfo …but this get a bit difficult in such a tiny window .
+1 for a way bigger custom lfo envelope window

You can draw you envelope in the Automation window and copy and paste it into the LFO’s Custom shape area.

I know that ; but still a bigger lfo window is needed

Hey. You can trigger the LFO anytime, whereas the automation is always synced with the pattern (correct me if i’m wrong). This can be very convenient if you have a short parameter change that you want to repeat at various time (eg. before cross-track routing and signal follower, it was a convenient way to simulate the “ducking” effect). I hope it is clearer now.