envelope points mode , some points are ignored

When using points mode in amp env ( in timemode )…renoise ignores certain points (see screenshots).

First point 'value 1) at beginning is ok…then 2—>29 points with value zero .then again point value 1 @ 30 ms., this one gets skipped .( all the points after 30 ms …should all be zero)

If I delete a point after the 30ms point , it doesn’t get skipped.

Strange thing is that sometimes points get ignored and sometimes not , depending on their position (see screenshot ).

Even happens when all points @ uneven time values are set to zero and all even points to 1 …

Up until point @40 everything gets skipped ,inserting one more point @ 42 ,the sound is let trough.

IN the included renoise file , there is an instrument called render me …

It’s like the above example with a start point @ the beginning , inbetween points with value 0 to the next point positioned @40ms.

To be absolutely sure I created a constant dc of value 1 in the sample editor .

So everything that get’s rendered out , is in fact the shape of the envelope ( multiplication of the envelope with a constant dc )

Results were the same as described above .

It seems that in points mode , @ finest resolution of 1 ms , every point placed at an even value is influenced by the next point ( uneven value )

If this value is zero , the points @even values are simply ignored .

This is only true for the first 40ms of the envelope .

You can clearly seen this when converting the envelope from time to sync mode , all points @ even time will be deleted .

Clearly a bug

here’s the file


Bug also present in redux

Happened to me 2 days ago. I thought it was only me.

bump …bug

bump …bug

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All sample volume changes (from the modulation or vol pattern FX commands) are applied with inertia, are ramped/smoothed, so it’s expected that they are not applied “exactly” like the modulation output at such rates. If it would, you’d get clicks for every volume 0/1 change in your example. Will check the edge cases from your examples.

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I am ware of that .

The point is , that in envelope points mode , under certain conditions , the visual representation (of what is supposed to happen)is wrong .