Envelope Resolution

I don’t know it this has been suggested already.

I think the automation, and possibly instrument, envelopes could have a finer resolution. At the moment you only have a choice between 0-100 positions, whereas the hex system can go up to 256. Maybe there should be a ‘zoom’ feature on the envelope editors so you can get in real close and do some very fine stuff with the automation? I’d know I’d really love it if were 256 positions instead of 100. To see it visually bigger too would be cool.

A few other ideas:

  • I think the dsp/vst box is going to evolve anyway, but I’m finding it a little annoying that whenever I come to a new channel all the the subfolders in the dsp/vst box are minimised. There should be a way to change the default on that, cause I would like them always expanded.

  • Hmmm I though of more but now I can’t remember them… derr…

the envelope resolution will change, that’s for sure:
one of the most important improvements which were already decided (but not planned yet, I think) is the ability to set envelope value via a track command and viceversa, a real one-to-one correspondance between envelopes and columns.

this will obviously force developers to change resolution to 256, because columns are hexadecimal.