Is it possible to draw an automation curve directly over several patterns?

I seem to be too stupid to find out how…


look at: -> zoom levels

OK, but it’s not possible to set a automation point in lets say pattern 5 and another in pattern 33 and have a linear line between them drawn automaticly?

Enable the Line option. Click the first point. Click the second point. Each can be wherever you like, however many patterns (and fractions of a pattern) apart.

The function as of yet only works for straight lines and is not the nicest think to subsequently edit (as it creates multiple Automation curve, one for each pattern involved.)


thanks for the hint, works much better for me like that
on the same note, i hope that future versions also allow to strech that tiny envelope window vertical, like it is possible already with the intrument envelopes =)

btw, how woul you delete the envelope curve in several patterns?