Envelopes fix

One often sees implemented in other envelope editors that when you drag a point A with the mouse to the right, the points that are right of A also get moved / translated to the right accordingly. Would be really cool if this was an option in Renoise.


…maybe with ctrl+shift, or ctrl+alt?

What do you mean, I can drag multiple points to the left and right in the automation editor and instrument envelopes. Make sure the section has focus, middle mouse click in it for example, than make a selection and make sure you’re not in draw mode, the cursor should change into a hand when hovering above a point.

Ooh, nice!! Thanks for the tip :D :D This works both horizontally and vertically :D

/* EDIT */

Just noticed, you don’t even need to focus the envelope area, just select and drag =)

Duh. The difference is you need to make a selection first. And somehow the program is a little bit “rough around the edges” as it comes to properly selecting/adjusting points when the ‘Single click to create new points’ is on.

Note that if you hold ctrl when dragging vertically you can fine-tune the dragging more precisely.