Envelopes In Sample Editor

It would be great to have editing envelopes directly on the waveform in sample editor

So if you want to modify a sample you can do it like this:

1- Enable “envelope mode” and just above the waveform you have a dropdown menu with the envelopes available (vol,pan, and vst parameters too)

2- Select one envelope and on the waveform you see the envelope line

3- Modify the envelopes

4- Pre-hear the results

5- Right click -> “create new sample” and now you have the waveform of the edited sample in a new slot or instrument…

I know that something similar is possible in pattern editor but this way is a lot faster and easy

personally i’d find it pretty useful to have a visual envelope overlay in this case. something similar to what you’re requesting is already available with the ‘process track FX’ button from the Sample Editor.


Hi rhowaldt, i know about that “process track fx” but (correct me if i’m wrong) it doesn’t render any envelope but just the “steady” state of the fx parameters…

i would like to write automations directly on the sample editor without using the pattern editor + automations + render to sample or the process track fx

Having a visual feedback directly on the wavrform is just ace for any sound design

@entropia: i’m not sure if it renders any moving envelopes or anything, i think you are right that it only applies the static settings. it might be possible to script something like what you want, but i’m no scripter so no authority on this.

This needs to be addressed:

Are you talking about the same envelopes as the instrument envelopes? (vol/pan/filters/…) These envelopes are time based and independent of pitch, which sensible overlayed envelopes cannot be. Would you solve this by creating a whole new type of envelopes? I would not like envelopes that move faster at a higher pitch.

I think it’s a better idea to wait for a proper arranger and/or audio tracks, where things like this could be displayed in the same manner as in most other DAWs.

On the other hand, I am very intrigued by the idea of having a whole new type of envelopes, as a non-destructive sample-editing tool.


the envelope i have in mind is something similar to the automation lane
The speed of the automation should depend on the speed of the track, it’s like having the automation lane “graphically” overlaying the sample waveform

It’s really not about a new type of envelopes but just keep the actual automation editor (with zoom option) and show it over the sample with the option of rendering to a new slot.

If you pitch up or down the sample it doesn’t matter: the parameters will move everytime in the same way (and time) you wrote them (according to the speed of the track)

[sample editor + automation editor + render to sample] - all in one fun and easy editor

I’m dreamy :slight_smile: