Eq It Or...

Hello guys. I’ve got a question about sound design/mixing. Let’s I design sound, tinker over it for a long time, than I stand up and suddenly the sound sounds exactly the way I would like to hear it. My speakers point exactly on my head when I sit, but when I stand up they point on the lower part of my stomach. I know that high band is a little reduced that way, and mid is a little enhanced.

I tried to mimick band changes with the eq 10, but somehow it doesn’t work well.
Anybody knows how to handle it? I’d like to make some eq presets for renoise so that anybody would shift his position in front of one’s speakers to listen how it sounds and make some eq adjustments.

Or maybe whole idea is just stupid? What do you think?

This is just a ruse… but it struck me reading your post that as
you’re clearly stating that you’re shifting positions and in that regard your ears
will pick up the sound a bit differently. It has not bounced the same way, or lenght etc.
so it will be a bit different…
Try some surround sound plugin where you can shift position of the ‘listener’. (much like the ones from waves)
and couple it with eq and maybe maybe some good reverb …

?? could that work ??

Im no engineer so this could be completely wrong but… hey, one can only try!



Actually it works, by manipulating sound with the use of just a renoise’s stereo expander I’m getting much closer to the sound I’ve been thinking of. Thx.

Use “nearfield monitors” (speakers). Don’t move, sit right in front of them.